Never Walk Alone 5k

First Annual Fundraiser for Devin's Rec Room

Our First Annual

Never Walk Alone 5K

Sunday June 9, 2024

9AM - 12PM

Join us for the inaugural "Never Walk Alone" walk, hosted by Devin's Rec Room. This event is designed to uplift and support individuals in recovery from Substance Use Disorder and mental health issues, with a focus on breaking the isolation they often face. Participants are encouraged to bring your leashed pets, whether they are dogs, cats, turtles, or goldfish. Pets often serve as vital companions, offering unconditional support during tough times, and this walk celebrates their role in the recovery process.

This event is free to attend, but donations are more than welcome.

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While the event is free to attend, this is also a critical fundraiser aimed at establishing Central New York’s first Sober Active Recovery Center.

You can start fundraising by clicking the 'Fundraise' button to register yourself as an individual or a team. 

Every contribution brings us closer to creating a supportive space at Devin's Rec Room, where recovery is nurtured and celebrated. Let’s walk together in solidarity, showing that no one has to walk alone.

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There is no cost to participate in this event. If you want to attend without donating or fundraising- we're cool with that. We still want to see you there! Please use this link to registervuvycdooh8ieac7bozme

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This year, Devin’s Rec Room, CNY’s first ever Sober Active community, presents the inaugural “Never Walk Alone” Walk for Recovery - a benefit walk to bring attention to the societal stigma of Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Issues.

Most people know a person or family who have been affected by Substance Use Disorder. In 2023 there were 113 overdose fatalities in Onondaga County. Although that number is down from two years ago, it has still almost doubled in the last ten years. And this does not count people suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder. And although these numbers have risen, unfortunately, those seeking treatment has steadily declined to a five year low in 2022.

Why? Stigma. Dr. Jerome Adams, former US Surgeon General, said, “I think the biggest killer (in the US) is Stigma. Stigma keeps people in the shadows. Stigma keeps people from coming forward and asking for help. Stigma keeps families from admitting that there is a problem.” “Never Walk Alone” invites people to bring their LEASHED pet (whatever it is) to walk with them. This celebrates the importance of pets in the lives of those in post-treatment. By walking together we remember and show support for our loved ones’ recovery journey. This event also helps raise money to build Devin’s Rec Room, CNY’s first Sober Active Community Center.

But, we need your help. Please consider a donation or one of the sponsorship levels below to help end the stigma of Substance Use Disorder and Mental illness in CNY. 

Sponsorship Packages

To become a sponsor, please complete the sponsorship form and email the completed form and your organization's logo to

Bronze Medal Sponsor- $250

Includes large logo lawn sign along route

Silver Medal Sponsor- $500

Includes large logo lawn sign along route and name on event advertising

Gold Medal Sponsor- $1,000+

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